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In a world filled with digital dreamers, Fancy Girls stands as creative Web3 builders, collectors, investors, and artists who are building one of the most diverse digital communities on the internet


Exclusive Benefits

By owning a Fancy Girl NFT, you unlock a suite of utilities, community membership, and exclusive access to our everlasting NFT IP, including our future Airdrops. You also acquire the commercial rights to build your own brand and transcend your digital essence across the Web

Fancy Girls Web3 - NFT

Holders will enjoy exclusive rewards, giveaways, and airdrops as our brand thrives in the web3 space. Your ongoing presence is not just valued; it's essential to our community's success

Community Airdrops

Fancy Girls Web3

Build Your Own Brand

Boost your brand with cool style, and open doors to exciting new business opportunities.

With Fancy Girls step into the future of branding and let your business shine

NFTs for branding-3.jpg

Create unique brands with the magic of NFTs and pixel art

Nights of Fashion And Music

fany nights - board.jpg
Fancy Girls Web3

Supercharge Your Socials

With Fancy Girls, create a unique digital identity that stands out and sparks engaging conversations

Fancy Girls Web3 - Happy Sunday Card

Make Your Digital Culture Different

Fancy Girls Web3

The Dreamers Of Robocity

Unravel the next Metaverse games, feel the adrenaline as Robocity's skies and streets pulse with runners and racers. Immerse yourself in the future of entertainment, experiencing narratives
like never before

The Car Girl.webp

A WEB3 Brand With Real World Events

We aim to bring together individuals who share our passion for NFTs by organizing events and festivals.

These gatherings will serve as opportunities for our community members to connect, celebrate art, and explore the limitless possibilities of NFTs

Fancy Girls Web3

Fashion Of The Future

These characters, each with their unique fashions like sky drivers, cyber bikers, neon girls, and many others, offering an ideal foundation for our team to craft
an engaging IP for you

Fancy Girls Web3

How can I buy Fancy Girls NFTs?

To acquire Fancy Girls NFTs, you can join the minting event through our website. 

We'll soon open our whitelist

Fancy Girls Web3

On which blockchain will Fancy Girls be minted?

The Fancy Girls NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 token standard

Fancy Girls Web3

There are 10,000 Fancy Girls NFTs in total. During the presale session, only 30 precent of the collection is available for minting, offering a limited opportunity for early adopters

How many Fancy Girls NFTs are there?

Collection Drop

Summer 2024

Community Giveaways

Fall 2024

Fancy Girls Web3

Road To Metaverse

Spring 2025

Fancy Girls Web3

Cyber ASH

Founder & Designer

Making arts that transcend the present

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