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Welcome Everyone!

Fancy Girls is A community-driven fashion and game brand for the Metaverse powered by 10,000 unique NFTs, symbolizing our vibrant brand and extraordinary community in the evolving Web3 landscape.


Fancy Girls are Metaverse investors and builders, forward-thinking business owners, digital fashion pioneers, next-creative filmmakers, and lovers of Metaverse games.


Utilities And pERKS

When you own a Fancy Girl, you join an exclusive club that grants access to a set of next-gen utilities capable of rebranding your digital identity across the web.


We offer two key NFT utilities to our community

The commercial rights allow you to enhance your existing business or create a new one using NFTs.

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Access to our next-gen Metaverse, a hub for cutting-edge digital businesses and entertainment.

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Supercharge Your Business with an Enchanting NFT

These unique digital assets not only authenticate brand identity but also foster deeper engagement, allowing brands to connect intimately with audiences through limited editions, exclusive perks, and tokenized loyalty programs.



These NFTs are unparalleled in their ability to tell your unique story, as they stand out from the crowd with their distinctive blend of classic-inspired punk aesthetics and vibrant, futuristic fashion.


Fashion Of Lights And Colors

Their striking colors and luminosity make them truly shine, making a bold statement and capturing the essence of individuality and style. 


If you're searching for the best NFTs to convey your life and brand narrative, Fancy Girls NFTs are the perfect choice to make a lasting impression and ignite curiosity among viewers.

Fancy Girls NFT-Robocity-Immersive Films.jpg

The Dreamers Of Robocity

A next-gen metaverse where digital business transformation and next entertainment happen.
Enter into a cyber city where virtual events and digital innovations by top entertainment brands come alive. 

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Unravel the next Metaverse games; feel the adrenaline as Robocity's skies and streets pulse with runners and racers. Immerse yourself in the future of film, experiencing narratives like never before.
Robocity is your gateway to the future of digital immersion.


The Golden Metaverse Girl

Born from a fusion of ancient codes and futuristic designs, the Golden Girl embodies the metaverse's potential. 


Engage with the community

The metaverse offers limitless virtual worlds for social interaction, commerce, education, and entertainment.
Merging physical and digital realities,
it redefines boundaries, enabling immersive experiences and reshaping industries.
A frontier of infinite possibilities.

The Car Girl.webp

A WEB 3 Brand With Real World Events & Festivals

Our project is not limited to a metaverse startup, as we recognize the significance of real-world interactions and experiences. We are more than just a digital community; we are a collective with grand visions that extend beyond the virtual realm. 

We aim to bring together individuals who share our passion for NFTs by organizing events and festivals. These gatherings will serve as opportunities for our community members to connect, celebrate art, and explore the limitless possibilities of NFTs.

Fancy Girl NFT.webp

Tell Your Stories In A Whole New Way

By blending the digital and physical worlds, we strive to create a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and the impact of our collective creativity can be felt by all.


Each fashion style represents a distinct symbol of our brand and community's future.


Our collection transcends traditional boundaries, blending elements of cyberpunk, avant-garde, and futuristic aesthetics.


Embrace the fusion of art, technology, and fashion, and become a part of our unique vision for tomorrow.


The most eye-catching trait of fancy girls is their cyber eyewear. We made them in dozens of fabulous styles, each one has its own design story which creates 

a character behind every girl. 


When art meets prestige, each digital token is meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, elevating your brand to new heights.


Metaverse Gaming Is At The Heart Of Our Project

We strive to create a virtual world where players can immerse themselves in captivating narratives, embark on thrilling adventures, and forge meaningful connections with other gamers from across the globe.


Who leads this project?

This project was founded and led by one of the most talented

filmmakers living today. 


Is this a WEB 3 Startup?

This is a startup, but our story is more than that. This is about how we could shift the future of entertainment and arts. 



The Digital Theater will start working and will never sleep.

This is where we come together to watch the future that we dreamed of.

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